The Triolex

We constantly strive to enhance and improve our overall synergetic intercompany products and services, as well as the expansion and interconnectivity of these products and services. We believe in being open to new ventures, opportunities and prospects that will benefit the group as a whole, and are always looking out for new ways to broaden our consumer horizons.

Business IT Support Services

Triolex offers IT support for hardware, software and networking.

Our suppport options includes:

  • Telephonic and remote support solution
  • Onsite / callout support solution
  • Fixed term or month to month support terms
  • Do you know of new business, technology or software opportunities?

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    Grow faster and more efficiently with technology solutions designed for your business structure.


  • VoIP/PABX systems
  • Anti-virus
  • Office Productivity
  • Operating Systems
  • Hardware

  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Support
  • VoIP/PABX systems
  • Virtualizing infrastructure
  • Cloud Services:

  • Secure online backup systems (coming soon)
  • Cloud based servers / VPS / Virtualization (coming soon)
  • Cloud email solutions
  • Hosted VoIP/PABX systems (coming soon)
  • Domain hosting

  • Firewall setups
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Content Filtering
  • Active Directory

    • VoIP/PABX
    • Servers
    • Networking
    • Workstations
    • Consulting
    • Billing and CRM systems
    • Employee Monitoring Software
    • Hosting
    • IT Governance and IT Policies
    • Infrastructure planning and Docementation

    We are open to new ventures, opportunities and prospects and always looking out for new ways to broaden our consumer horizons.

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    Triolex offers clients a range of result-driven services which include:

    • Data supply for marketing
    • Email campaigns
    • SMS campaigns
    • Contact update
    • Tracing
    • Deceased flags
    • Vehicle information
    • Public domain information
      (deeds, cipro, defaults,
    • SMS platforms

    Triolex offers associates new and challenging opportunities in an environment that is inspiring, collaborative, fast-paced and constantly evolving.

    Tel : +27(0)21 418 3908