The Triolex

We constantly strive to enhance and improve our overall synergetic intercompany products and services, as well as the expansion and interconnectivity of these products and services. We believe in being open to new ventures, opportunities and prospects that will benefit the group as a whole, and are always looking out for new ways to broaden our consumer horizons.

How We Operate

Our venture capital fund generates profits through equity owned in the companies it invests in. These companies commonly have a novel technology or business model in high technology industries, which include (but are not limited to) information technology, software and telecommunications. We continuously offer our associates new and challenging opportunities and possibilities, in an environment that is collaborative, fast-paced, revolutionary, rewarding and constantly evolving. In turn, they provide us with their expertise, commitment and ideas of the highest calibre. Together with sound and proven operational capabilities, these people and companies form Triolex – a workable, well-oiled model within which we operate with great success, making a difference in people’s lives.

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Email Marketing

At Triolex we offer our clients full campaign management and unparalleled marketing solutions, structured to reach the higher LSM individual and effectively increase campaign ROI. With access to a database comprising over 3 million email addresses – each connected to a set of unique information fields – we can profile each address to exact consumer demographics, providing clients with valuable consumer data that can markedly increase the reach of marking campaigns.

We strictly adhere to all CPA legislations without exception. Opt out procedures are managed internally at all times, allowing us to operate in full compliance within the marketing industry.

Growing your business

A range of services to help take your business to the next stage. Business Support Solutions offers a direct route to the advice, information and resources you need to help your business improve and grow.

How Can Market Research help?

To help you make informed decisions based on the most up to date information available, our team can:

  • Carry out a tailored market/competitor/product research
  • Track and analyse the latest developments in your sector
  • Research and develop new markets for your products
  • Profile your consumers
  • Spot opportunities
  • Keep ahead of your competitors

Data Supply For Marketing Campaigns

Through many successful campaigns, SMS marketing has proven to be the most effective method of connecting with a specified target market. Our SMS platform gives clients the freedom to run their own customised campaigns, and connect with their consumers through targeted SMS marketing techniques. For clients with existing systems in place, we offer comprehensive API integration to further simplify campaign management. Alternatively, we provide clients with full SMS campaign management whereby our dedicated team of experts manages and regulates all campaigns on behalf of the client.

As with all our other services, Triolex abides by all CPA legislations and processes all opt out requests internally, operating in full compliance with the digital marketing sector.

Data Supply For Marketing Campaigns

Triolex facilitates a broad spectrum of characterising and profiling capabilities on consumer and Business2Business (B2B) data. With access to over 42 million records and the expertise of our exclusive support team, we offer data that is accurate, relevant and in line with our client’s marketing requirements. Available fields include (but are not limited to):

We also supply data according to our clients’ specific needs. Contact us for more information

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Title
  • Address Fields
  • Contact information
  • Cipro Informationame
  • Deeds information
  • Deceased flags for tracing purposes

We are open to new ventures, opportunities and prospects and always looking out for new ways to broaden our consumer horizons.

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Triolex offers clients a range of result-driven services which include:

  • Data supply for marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Contact update
  • Tracing
  • Deceased flags
  • Vehicle information
  • Public domain information
    (deeds, cipro, defaults,
  • SMS platforms

Triolex offers associates new and challenging opportunities in an environment that is inspiring, collaborative, fast-paced and constantly evolving.

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